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Since 1996, Vincent Savarino, CEO and Founder of Eurolor Consultants, supports companies in the course of the changes that they face usually in emergency conditions.

EUROLOR clientele is composed just as well of SME / SMI / MIDCAP / international companies.

Trilingual: French - English – Italian

- MBA & Diploma of Master in Accountancy
- Lecturer in management courses at Lorraine University
- President of CINOV Alsace-Lorraine – (Intellectual services, consulting, engineering and IT Union of employers)
- Member of the College of CINOV Independent Experts

Eurolor intervenes in during crisis or thriving situations.


General Management
Operational & Executive Transition Manager for start-ups, developing & restructuring companies 1. Automotive Equipment
2. Building - Public Works
3. Food
4. Home Equipment
5. IT
6. Metallurgy
7. Plastics
Finance, Legal, Organization · Audit - Creations - Sales - Mergers - Valuations - Due diligence
· Practice of French, U.S., Italian and Luxembourg accounting standards
· Implementation of computerized management systems (ERP) - Treasury and management reports
· Council for the creation of companies & long term & equity financing
Human Resources · Human Resources management - Social Agreements
· Conflicts Management - Restructuring and development Plans - Reclassification Cells - Training Plans
Firms in difficulty

· Acting Director of companies in bankruptcy proceedings, Ad' hoc Mandates and Conciliations

Transmission · Business strategy & financial expertise




  • Solutions immediately efficient

  • • In many situations that need, immediately and temporarily, a flexible support of additional operational competences.

  • Based on a constant relationship with the customer, it accelerates the changes and guarantees the results.


  • Exploratory meeting

    From the analysis of the current position of the business, of its culture and ambitions, Eurolor and the customer:
    - Identify the content of the mission. 
    - Define its objectives.

  • Preparation of the action plan

    This plan is presented and amended with the customer I order to allow him to be involved in the goals defined in the mission.

  • Running of the mission

    In collaboration with the customer, periodically and every month, at least, the initial action plan is reviewed and tailored based on the conducted analysis and new directives.
    This plan takes the form of a Business Plan severe and reasoned with quantitative and quality objectives.

  • Final analysis

    At the end of the mission, several meetings, between Eurolor and the customer, are organized to:
    - Analyze the results in comparison with the action plan objectives.
    - Evaluate the positive effects of the action for the improvement of internal competences, mastering of new management tools, the capacity of the assistants of the business to follow the changes in course.
    - Establish future recommendations.


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